APPLICATION-6Serge Baril self-regulating heat tracing cable systems can be used on a single pipe system because it does not require recirculation of water. Using a conductive core material, the heat tracing cable replaces heat loss at the proper rate throughout the supply piping to maintain desired water temperature at every hot water tap.

The conventional two pipe recirculation system must continuously pump hot water from a central boiler to the tap and back to the boiler. Heat is also lost along the route causing water temperature variances and poor energy use.

The above are general suggestions for applications of our cables and are not meant to replace the normal requirements of local, construction, electrical, or other codes. The installer must verify the conformity to all applicable codes or standards.


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Caution : Both the National and Canadian Electrical Codes require the use of a ground fault protection device (GFPD) at all times in conjunction with the installation of all heat tracers.